Pillow Designs

Noble Pillow’s patented technology was created to revolutionize sleep, focusing on chiropractic & therapeutic needs. Nine accessible compartments on each pillow allow you complete control over the customization of your sleep experience.

What Goes Into a Noble Pillow

We regard our pillows as tools to safeguard your physical health by ensuring high-quality sleep. Since we are not any other pillow brand that dropships cheap products from around the world, our prime focus is providing premium products that help achieve medical-grade sleep hygiene.

You are investing in intricate architecture. We do not take the sack or slab approach to pillow making. Instead, we measure and fill nine anatomically designed sections. This takes approximately an hour to complete. The performance layering system allows customization of fill amounts in separate sections to achieve the ideal support and comfort where needed.

Product research is not often associated with something as simple as a pillow. But here at Noble Pillow, our products have undergone a complex iterative design procedure. We collaborated with a multitude of medical experts, such as neurologists and chiropractors, to help make our design in line with medical space. To achieve perfection, we required numerous product iterations owing to experts’/customers’ feedback. This costly approach is reflected in the one-time product price and is easily outweighed by the decrease in ongoing health care costs.

Your pillow helps filter the air and wick moisture from your skin. Like replacing your air filter, it is essential to refresh your pillow. Many doctors and sleep specialists recommend replacing your pillow every year. With self or professional Pillow-Care, there is no need for a new pillow. Pillows are washable and refillable.

Another aspect that makes Noble Pillow stand out as a brand is the choice of labor. Our products are hand stuffed with care in Bend, OR. Ensuring healthy work conditions and fair wages to our staff is at the core value of our brand. It also means healthier finished products for our customers. Therefore, we had to go the extra mile to put together a team of master artisans with the skill to create the intricate architecture you deserve. In addition, our products are ethically manufactured. We are not among those brands that promise comfort to their clients at the expense of unethical manufacturing techniques and non-eco-friendly products.

Unlike other pillows on the market that only have a few necessary properties, the Noble Pillow is the total package. It’s often said there is not one pillow out there that is perfect for everyone, which makes sense. However, everyone still sleeps with a pillow of some kind, which is why Noble Pillow is customizable and adjustable to accommodate changes in weight, posture, body shape, and sleep conditions. Nine anatomically engineered, adjustable channels guide your body into an optimal alignment, while the luxurious materials help provide contouring comfort.

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