The Noble Arm Pillow

The Noble Arm Pillow is your trusted ally in relieving severe shoulder and neck discomfort. Handmade in Bend, OR, it is designed with your comfort in mind. Constructed to promote optimal arm, shoulder, and neck alignment, this pillow effectively reduces strain on your muscles and joints.

Crafted from premium materials such as plush CertiPUR-US memory foam and exceptionally supportive hypoallergenic organic wool, this pillow offers a luxurious feel that encourages complete relaxation. Experience ultimate comfort with our pillow, featuring a sateen cotton case that feels incredibly soft against your skin. Plus, we provide a bag of extra fill so you can customize the pillow to your preferred level of support for a restful night's sleep. The extra fill ensures that you can adjust the pillow to suit your unique sleeping needs.

DIY: Use Your Own Filling

If you have extra filling from another pillow or prefer to use your own stuffing, we offer a shell-only option. Customize your pillow to your exact preferences with the materials you choose.


Filled to 14"X14"X6"-adjustable for personalized comfort.

Hou to use

Step 1: Adjust the fill for personalized comfort.

Step 2: Wash the pillowcase according to the care label.

Step 3: Enjoy your perfect pillow experience.

Customer Reviews

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Julie Coldren
Noble Pillows are of the highest quality

I tried for many years to sleep on my back as side sleeping seemed to cause neck and shoulder pain and stiffness. But at some point in the night, I would end up sleeping on my side and struggle with placing a standard size pillow to support my arm. The pillow was too hot and didn't support my arms and shoulders comfortably. My sleep was disrupted by turning from one side to the other or returning to my back. The Arm Pillow has made sleeping on my side effortless and comfortable. It's the perfect size for aligning my arm with my body without being to big to move around. I added just the right amount of foam and it supports my arm in perfect alignment without straining my neck and shoulders. It's luxuriously soft and light which makes shifting from one side to the other easy. My sleep is not disrupted by shifting and trying to get comfortable. The pillow is adorable on my bed and it feels like cuddling a teddy bear. The materials and construction are the highest quality. It's clear this pillow and all Noble Pillow products are designed and made with love. It's a beautiful energy to for your sleeping environment. The customer service is incredible. Jamie truly cares about her customers and is incredibly supportive and responsive. Noble Pillows are of the highest quality with the most caring and knowledgable customer support.