Nine customizable sections to adjust to you today and adapt to any future changes you may have in posture, weight, or preference.

Listen to your body and take your time adjusting to the ideal posture.

For reference adjusting demonstration HP is a standard size, and use is a king size.

Head Pillow Instructions

For reference demonstration LBP is a tall size.

Lower Body Pillow Use & Adjusting

For reference demonstration LBP is a tall size.

Lower Body Pillow Fluffing

Noble Head Pillow

*We continue to conduct research & development and have many different custom products. Some variations between these videos and your pillow may be observed.


Your pillow helps filter the air and wick moisture from your skin. Just like replacing your air filter, it is a good idea to refresh your pillow. Many doctors and specialists recommend replacing your pillow every 6-12 months. With our restoration process, there is no need for a new pillow. With the high-end fill used in Noble pillows, our customers recondition their pillows on average every 1-2 years. Everyone is different; some variables include; hygiene, toxin exposure, and environment. When you feel you are ready to refurbish your pillow, we will be here to help you. While we are replacing your fill, we will check your seams and zippers. We want you to feel like you have a whole new pillow.

If you need further assistance, please reach out.