Noble Lower Body Pillow

The Noble Lower Body Pillow’s patented technology is orthopedically and ergonomically designed to ease discomfort due to:
-Back, Hip & Knee issues
-Foot & Ankle injuries
-Pregnancy (we also offer The Noble Maternity Pillow for pregnant mothers)

The Noble Lower Body Pillow strategically promotes optimal support and alignment for the Lumbar-pelvic-hip complex, knees, and ankles, all while providing a restorative, luxurious sleep experience for back, side, and mixed sleeping positions. The multi-positional pillow’s modern triangular shape houses nine anatomically designed, adjustable compartments, letting you customize the level of support in desired areas and eliminating the need for multiple sleep aids such as low-back wedges, bolsters, and knee pillows.

These innovative pillows provide lush support with excellent contouring and adjustability. While back-sleeping, the pillow extends (and relieves) the lumbar spine, discourages excessive hip rotation, and cushions behind the knees to prevent ligament stretching. During side-sleeping, the pillow cushions between the pelvis, knees, and ankles align the spine and avoid uncomfortable bone-on-bone contact. Zoned construction ensures the pillow will adjust to you today and adapt to any future changes in posture, weight, or sleep conditions. And the triangular Scandinavian style adds a clean, upscale décor to the bedroom while taking up much less space than typical body pillows.

The Noble Lower Body Pillow is expertly crafted to provide relief that cannot be found when using a standard head pillow as a lower body pillow. And ill-designed body pillows are often nothing more than large sacks with little architecture that can exacerbate discomfort and underlying issues. Instead, the Noble Lower Body Pillow ensures all of your joints are properly aligned, allowing your body to rest and heal while promoting physical and emotional restoration. The high-end materials were consciously selected to avoid the sterile feel of typical ergonomic pillows and deliver a luxury, tranquil experience, expertly crafted with a five-year warranty.

Whether you struggle in the pursuit of restful sleep due to injury or a chronic condition or just want to improve your sleep quality, The Noble Lower Body Pillow can help you get the rest you need. Use it independently for specific issues or jointly with one of our Head Pillows for total body care and a refreshing night’s sleep. For those looking for relief from the discomfort associated with pregnancy, shop our Noble Maternity Pillow here.

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  • Patented technology ergonomically designed to alleviate back, hip, and leg pain.

  • Strategically created to work for back, side, and mixed sleeping positions.

  • Stays in place, eliminating the need for uncomfortable straps or sleeves.
  • Eliminates the need for multiple sleep aids such as low-back wedges, bolsters & knee pillows.

  • Takes up significantly less space on the bed compared to body pillows, allowing more room for you to rest.

  • Zoned construction creates nine anatomically designed sections that adjust to your current needs and adapt to future changes in posture, weight, or sleep conditions.

  • The triangular Scandinavian style adds a clean, upscale aesthetic to the bedroom.

  • The high-end materials were consciously selected to avoid the sterile feel of typical ergonomic pillows and deliver a luxurious, restorative experience.

  • Expertly crafted by professional artisans in the Pacific Northwest with a dedication to quality control and high standards.

  • Washable & refillable

  • Five-year warranty
Pillow orders include

-A luxurious GOTS-certified gusseted organic sateen lower body pillowcase. Click here for silk pillowcases or extra sateen cases.

-Bag of extra fill. Another bag of additional fill is complimentary if needed within 30 days of receiving your pillow. After that, more may be purchased anytime.

-Adjusting devise and bag for fill storage

-Genuine customer care


All pillows have the same design with nine anatomically engineered, adjustable channels, so you will have proper alignment and ergonomic support regardless of the fill you choose.

All fabric is GOTS certified. Memory foam fill is CertiPUR-US certified, latex is GOLS certified, and wool is GOTS certified.

All Wool:

Wool has a whole range of qualities that can help you sleep better. It is scientifically proven to improve sleep quality. Our wool” puffs” are resilient for better contouring while providing exceptional support. Non-scratchy and hypoallergenic for luxury comfort-customers can’t believe it’s wool. Our ethically-sourced puffs are 100% U.S. grown and certified organic. Wool is the best thermoregulator and is ideal for hot sleepers and those recovering from injury or suffering from rheumatic problems. In addition, wool helps filter the air and aids in removing formaldehyde and other toxins. An all-wool is our lightest LBP and best for those who change positions throughout the night.

All Latex:

100% pure shredded, GOLS-certified organic latex allows for more adjustability and breathability than other latex types. It was chosen for its lush support and flexibility. Our latex is harvested from trees and is Oeko-Tex certified. Latex is temperature neutral, so it won’t make you sweat to sleep on. This fill type is best for vegans or those who have wool sensitivities. Depending on your pillow order, we use Dunlop and/or Talalay latex. Please let us know if you have a preference in the notes section of the cart checkout.

Hybrid Latex Blend:

Blending the two gives the best of both worlds.

Memory Foam:

Shredded Memory Foam is ideal for those who prefer a soft, lush feel. CertiPUR-US certified to ensure quality standards.
✓ Made without PBDEs, TDCPP, or TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants
✓ Made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals
✓ Made without formaldehyde
✓ Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission


-Petite 32" X 19" X 3"

-Regular 36" X 21" X 4"

-Tall 41" X 22" X 5"

All sizes are adjustable on both sides and internal channels allowing for changes to height, width, and length.

Sleeping Styles/Positions

Combination: Back and side sleeping (can also include stomach sleeping).

Back sleeping only: 100% on back.

Side sleeping only: 100% on side.

Stomach sleeping only: 100% on stomach.

All pillows can adjust to any sleeping style and adapt to provide transitional positioning.

*We do not recommend stomach sleeping. However, the Noble Pillow can adapt and is used to transition from belly sleeping to back and side at a tolerable rate.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Accelerated Healing for Labral Tear in Hip

I tore my right hip labrum the week before Thanksgiving. My MRI showed an anterior labral tear of 1.3 centimeters, I was in quite a bit of pain and could barely walk or sit or do anything. From this extremely painful and limiting place I have been able to consistently sleep in an optimal healing position. Pain was immediately reduced while sleeping, and I was able to heal at an accelerated rate. Using the Noble Lower Body Pillow I have been able to rehab my hip quickly without surgery. I have a pregnant wife and am able to help out around the house, repair the roof, go to work and carry things to and from the car without pain or discomfort. I am so grateful for these pillows!

Lee Smith
Broken Femur Recovery

11 months ago, I had a serious injury and broke my femur. I was not allowed to cross my leg over center line. For 9 months. I purchased the Noble Leg Pillow and was able to sleep comfortably on my side - good hip on the bed and leg pillow between my good leg , and leg with hip replacement on top. I could also find comfort lying on my back with the Noble Leg Pillow under the back of both knees. My low back back pain was greatly reduced. This wonderfully designed pillow coupled with the Noble Neck Support Pillow gave me great relief and comfort in my healing. I’m so thankful for these unique healing/comforting creations !

Body Structural Saver

I have tried many different types of knee supporters for sleeping, and nothing really help until I got this Nobel Lower Body Pillow. I purchase the petite one first, and really like it. Few days later I exchanged it to a regular size, and that's really superb, it covers more area of my mattress. The pillow is made with outstanding materials and workmanship, I had the hybrid fill for the pillow which a mixture of organic wool and latex. Very happy with the product, highly recommended.

On top of the great quality of products, this company offered the greatest customer services that I have never experienced elsewhere, and believe me, I am a shopper, had been encountered with countless CS outfits out there!

Sharon (Shawn) Casucci

I purchased both the pillows for myself. Osteoarthritis often impedes my mobility and sleep.

The Noble pillow system has helped my mobility and sleep issues. I will always be grateful to Jamie for her personal kindness and direction during my search for more balance in my life. Thank you for your support. Shawn Casucci

Rose Risser
No more sore knees!

I am so thrilled to have found Noble Pillow company! I suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic pelvic pain and needed a knee pillow. I first tried the memory foam knee pillow from Bed Bath and Beyond and that was not working then I just tried a regular polyester fill soft pillow but that was still not great. Jamie at Noble suggested I try a wool fill in their lower body pillow and bingo I have been waking up with much less pain and sleeping well. This is a wonderful company and Jamie is amazing. It was worth every penny and now I’m looking to purchase the head pillow as well. I know that will also be an outstanding product!