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These are answers to general questions. For help with your pillow, please visit our Use & Care page.

Why is it worth investing in a quality pillow?

Taking your sleep seriously isn’t a pointless pursuit. By ensuring a healing night’s sleep, you are not only investing in yourself but also your well-being in the long term. That’s why it’s ok to be diligent about saving at most intersections of your life but prioritize spending a little extra when it comes to things for your bed. Studies have long shown the solid link between a healthy night’s sleep and good physical & emotional health.

Almost 70 million Americans experience sleep-related problems, which is a prevalent issue. Moreover, your physical health, especially your back and spine condition, is something that can either worsen or even be improved by the type of pillow you use. A healthy spine formation is essential in your overall health. It is the primary support of your body responsible for good posture; it enables your body to move freely and allows you to be flexible and perform various tasks.

People don’t often realize that issues such as sleep apnea, neck pain, and even back pain don’t start overnight. Instead, small factors such as poor sleep posture or abnormal pillow height can play a critical role over an extended period.

Sleep posture is critical for the proper alignment of your bones and muscles. An ergonomically designed pillow like the Noble Pillow can help you achieve a transformative sleep experience.

Investing in a good pillow reflects a preventive mindset. As a result, you will avoid the hassle that follows bad sleep posture and be safe from the adverse consequences of poor sleep posture. In addition, this precautionary approach will help you avoid aggressive medical treatment and a lengthy healing process after the injury.

Developing a healthy sleeping posture over time can help you:

• Alleviate pain

• Improve joint health

• Accelerate healing after injury or surgery

• In preventive and rehabilitative applications

• Enhance the quality of sleep and replenish your energy levels overnight.

What you put down for a pillow affects what you’ll be putting up with. So to simply put, having the best pillow means having a good night’s sleep, and better sleep means a better you.

What makes your pillow special and why is it so expensive?

We regard our pillows as tools to safeguard your physical health by ensuring high-quality sleep. Since we are not any other pillow brand that dropships cheap products from around the world, our prime focus is providing premium products that help achieve medical-grade sleep hygiene.

We do not take the sack or slab approach to pillow making. Instead, we measure and fill nine anatomically designed sections. This takes approximately an hour to complete. The performance layering system allows different fill types in separate sections to achieve the ideal support and comfort where needed.

Product research is not often associated with something as simple as a pillow. But here at Noble Pillow, our products have undergone a complex iterative design procedure. We collaborated with a multitude of medical experts, such as neurologists and chiropractors, to help make our design in line with medical space. To achieve perfection, we required numerous product iterations owing to experts’/customers’ feedback. This costly approach is reflected in the one-time product price and is easily outweighed by the decrease in ongoing health care costs.

Your pillow helps filter the air and wick moisture from your skin. Like replacing your air filter, it is essential to refresh your pillow. Many doctors and sleep specialists recommend replacing your pillow every year. With Pillow-Care, there is no need for a new pillow. Pillows are washable and refillable.

Another aspect that makes Noble Pillow stand out as a brand is the choice of labor. Our products are manufactured by US-labor in the Pacific Northwest and the Bay area. Ensuring healthy work conditions and fair wages to our staff is at the core value of our brand. It also means healthier finished products for our customers. Therefore, we had to go the extra mile to put together a team of master artisans with the skill to create the intricate architecture you deserve. In addition, our products are ethically manufactured. We are not among those brands that promise comfort to their clients at the expense of unethical manufacturing techniques and non-eco-friendly products.

Unlike other pillows on the market that only have a few necessary properties, the Noble Pillow is the total package. It’s often said there is not one pillow out there that is perfect for everyone, which makes sense. However, everyone still sleeps with a pillow of some kind, which is why Noble Pillow is customizable and adjustable to accommodate changes in weight, posture, body shape, and sleep conditions. Nine anatomically engineered, adjustable channels guide your body into an optimal alignment, while the luxurious materials help provide contouring comfort.

Why do you call yourselves Noble Pillow?

The Noble Pillow is named after our expert Designer and Founder and serendipitously for the word itself. To be NOBLE is characterized by possessing very high or excellent qualities and properties. It is to be superior of mind, character, ideals, and morals. The word is emblematic of everything we believe a company should aspire to be, and our pillows reflect that conviction in their design, materials, function, and aesthetics. Sleep like royalty in your sanctuary—sleep NOBLE.

Is it essential to have both the head and the lower body pillow?

The reason we recommend both is twofold. One is because of the kinetic chain and how changing the lumbar spine helps the cervical spine and vice versa. Two for prevention, just because we don't have problems now, we want to decrease our odds of developing issues. Like brushing your teeth, it's easier than waiting for cavities to deal with.

All that being said, starting with one of the pillows is excellent too. After seeing so many people's issues in the Sports Medicine clinic, we are extremely passionate about being proactive and offering full-body support.

What type of latex is in a Noble Pillow?

After a decade of testing both talalay and dunlop for use in pillows, we've found that dunlop consistently outperforms talalay. While talalay may feel good initially, its comfort diminishes over a short period of time. However, if you have a strong preference for talalay, please contact us for custom ordering. Our healthy non-toxic filling is Oeko-Tex Certified. Healthy and safe for the whole family. Latex foam is harvested from trees. Our shredded fill allows for adjustability and is more breathable than other latex types, keeping you at just the right temperature while sleeping.

Naturally anti-microbial and dust-mite resistant. No synthetic chemicals to aggravate allergies, a comfortable sleep, and a safe home environment. 100% biodegradable, environmentally safe, and friendly.

Does the latex stuffing smell?

Latex is GOLS-certified organic, and like most things of high quality, they will have a more authentic aroma. Latex is plant-based and made using a tree's sap—the slight scent is pleasant to most. The smell of natural latex is often described as vanilla; this makes sense as many trees and plants have this smell. If you are used to a latex slab or a more processed latex, you may have never experienced the real smell of latex. Generally, the smell dissipates over the course of a few weeks and is not cause for concern.

For those who are extra sensitive to the temporary latex smell, Our bamboo pillow topper can help put more barrier between you and the latex fill.

Will some fabrics and fills look different than the rest?

Variations in color and texture are due to the natural variants in the fibers involved, the growing seasons, and non-chemical cleaning practices.

Are the pillows washable?

Pillows are washing and refillable. Read details on your specific pillow type on the use and maintenance page.

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