You got your dream pillow, and now it is time to ensure it keeps providing you your healthiest night sleep with Noble Pillow-Care.


Your pillow helps filter the air and wick moisture from your skin. Just like replacing your air filter, it is important to refresh your pillow. Many doctors and sleep specialists recommend replacing your pillow every 6-12 months. With our restoration process, there is no need for a new pillow. Everyone is different; some variables include; hygiene, toxin exposure, and environment. When you feel you are ready to refurbish your pillow, we will be here to help you. While we are replacing your fill, we will check your seams and zippers. We want you to feel like you have a whole new pillow.

If you prefer to do your own Pillow-Care, you may purchase fill and restuff yourself. Click here to purchase fill separately.

Fill Details

Hybrid Latex Blend

An ideal balance of soft and firm, this pillow is filled with a blend of shredded latex and wool puffs that feel supportive and plush at the same time. Blending the two gives the best of both worlds.


Soft, fluffy, dense & durable wool puffs, also called wool bolas, wool bolus, or woolly bolas. These little bits of wool are made of 100% natural wool and have no synthetic content. The wool has not been bleached, carbonized, or dyed. Wool bolas compress less over time than wool batting and are easily rejuvenated with the simple fluffing technique.

Our wool is ethically sourced, and we have organic latex options for vegans and those who would prefer a wool alternative.


For our Vegan pillows we use organic latex made from trees. Our healthy non-toxic filling is Oeko-Tex Certified, guaranteeing no harmful substances are used in the foam's production. Healthy and safe for the whole family. No toxic off-gassing like common synthetic chemical memory foams. Latex foam is harvested from trees not pumped from the earth like petroleum-based foams.

Naturally anti-microbial and dust-mite resistant. No synthetic chemicals to aggravate allergies, a comfortable sleep, and a safe home environment. 100% biodegradable, environmentally safe, and friendly.


Step 1:

Use the zipper system to remove all excess fill from your pillow. The old fill can be disposed of or repurposed as you see fit. You can contact us for recycling ideas. Next, wash the cotton shell of the pillow with your favorite detergent and follow the care instructions that are on the pillowcase.

Step 2:

After making your initial pillow-care purchase, You will receive a confirmation email with an address to send your pillow shell. The shipping cost at checkout goes toward the pillow being shipped back to you. Once your pillow arrives at our shop, it will be re-stuffed with fresh fill and checked for rips & tears to be mended before being sent back refurbished and good as new.

Customer Reviews

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Jolane Abrams
Revived my pillows

I'd had both a head pillow and a lower body pillow for two or three years. No matter how I restaffed them, they weren't doing the job anymore.

I sent them in for PillowCare, and Jamie herself worked with me to replace the filling, repair some seams, and restuff them both to my exact specifications.

I was very impressed with the service and highly recommend it.