Our best-selling down alternative fill uses a hybrid blend of latex & wool, which makes adjusting easier while adding wool's healing and thermoregulating properties. In addition, we offer more options to accommodate individual sensitivities. Choice of GOTS-certified wool or vegan GOLS-certified latex wrapped in high-end, GOTS-certified sateen cotton.

All fills are great for breathability and are antimicrobial. All pillows have the same design with nine anatomically engineered, adjustable channels, so you will have proper alignment and ergonomic support regardless of the fill you choose.

Hybrid Latex Blend:

An ideal balance of soft and firm, this pillow is filled with a blend of shredded latex and wool puffs that feel supportive and plush at the same time. Blending the two gives the best of both worlds.

All Latex:

100% pure finely shredded, GOLs-certified organic latex allows for more adjustability and breathability than other latex types. It was chosen for its lush support, bounce-back, and flexibility. Our latex is harvested from trees and is Oeko-Tex certified. This fill type is best for vegans or those who have wool sensitivities.

All Wool:

Wool has a whole range of qualities that can help you sleep better. It is scientifically proven to improve sleep quality. Our wool” puffs” are resilient for better contouring while providing exceptional support. Non-scratchy and hypoallergenic for luxury comfort-customers can’t believe it’s wool. Our ethically-sourced puffs are 100% U.S. grown and certified organic. Wool is the best thermoregulator and is ideal for hot sleepers and those recovering from injury or suffering from rheumatic problems. An all-wool pillow is for those who enjoy extra firmness or have latex sensitivities.

More about Wool:

Noble wool pillows are filled with soft, fluffy, dense & durable wool puffs, also called wool bolas, wool bolus, or woolly bolas. The wool has not been bleached, carbonized, or dyed. Wool bolas compress less over time than wool batting and are easily rejuvenated. This type of wool allows for more contouring around each joint to provide comfort and support where needed. Some manufacturers add polyester fibers to their bolus to make it cheaper. Our puffs are 100% USA-grown wool, nothing synthetic, and no chemicals used to process them. Our wool is ethically sourced, having a personal relationship with each wool-grower is mutually beneficial. Even though it increases the cost to procure the wool, we can sleep easily knowing the animals are cared for, and by taking more time, they are treated gently. Our partners developed an evolving set of guidelines. Shearing benefits both the sheep as well as us humans. Annually shearing in the spring allows the sheep to grow their wool in time to have a full coat by winter. Without shearing, the animal can suffer from excessive wool growth. Our wool is exceptionally clean because our team requires extra steps to sort through grease wool before sending it off to be scoured (washed), skirted, and hand-selected for the best quality batches before sending it back for stuffing.

More about Latex:

Latex offers plush support with great bounce-back and flexibility. The ability to provide excellent support while maintaining its shape helps to decrease pain and increase comfort.

We use organic latex made from trees. Our healthy non-toxic filling is Oeko-Tex Certified, guaranteeing no harmful substances are used in the foam’s production. Healthy and safe for the whole family. No toxic off-gassing like typical synthetic chemical memory foams. Latex foam is harvested from trees, not pumped from the earth like petroleum-based foams.

There are no synthetic chemicals or glues to aggravate allergies, a comfortable sleep, and a safe home environment—100% biodegradable, environmentally safe, and friendly.